Pinhole Eye Glasses

Pinhole Eye Glasses

Pinhole Eye Glasses

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What Are Pinhole Glasses?

Pin Hole Glasses are a safe and completely natural technique that may help improve your eye sight. 

When you look at a blurred object your brain moves focus of the eye in and out until it gets an increase in contrast. If no increase is acheived your brain leaves the object unfocused. 

Pinholes improve the sharpness of the image, allowing your brain to find the point of focus. During this process the focusing muscles of the eye are getting used more and this regular exercise helps your eyes' focusing system.

There are no known side effects to using Pinhole Glasses. They can be worn practically any time when vision may be strained. However, for safety consideration Pinhole Glasses should NOT be worn while driving, operating heavy equipment, or during outdoor activities. 

Many who wear Pinhole glasses may start to see improvement in their vision in as little as 4 weeks of use. 

Try out the Pinhole Glasses and you too may see the difference!

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