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Astaxanthin is high in antioxidants vitamins A and E.

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Interesting Facts about Astaxanthin

Most people are unaware that flamingos are actually born completely white. The same flamingos then start turning pink because of the Astaxanthin (pronounced asta-ZAN-thin) they consume through algae. Moreover, many people don’t know why salmon has such distinct coloring. This powerful nutrient is what gives salmon its color. Not only does Astaxanthin provide color and help promote a healthy response to free radicals, but it also helps salmon to swim upstream through strong currents of water by promoting endurance within the fish.

Is Easily Absorbed by the Body

Astaxanthin has the ability to reach every single cell in the body, which means that it can deliver all of its benefits to the entire human body. It helps us respond to free radicals that may cause harm to cells and have adverse effects on the nervous system or brain. A healthy response to free radicals may help promote youthfulness. 

Safeguards Eye Health

Very few nutrients can make their way to the eye, but Astaxanthin has the ability to be absorbed by the eyes. Supplementing with this nutrient may help support a healthy response to free radicals in your eyes.

Natural Skin Protection 

This helpful nutrient plays another beneficial role for the human body by promoting skin health by acting as a natural sunscreen. It keeps UV exposure to a bare minimum, so there are fewer chances of the skin becoming red and sensitive.

Promotes Cardiovascular Health 

The consumption of Astaxanthin may encourage cardiovascular health. Better heart health may help prepare our body to respond appropriately to future difficulties it may encounter. This nutrient has the propensity to support healthy blood pressure and aid overall health. 

Rejuvenates Central Nervous System

Astaxanthin can play a positive role in brain and central nervous system support. The central nervous system is disposed to various oxidative attacks that may cause harm to the body. As mentioned before, this nutrient is high in antioxidants Vitamin A and E and thus has the ability to support a healthy response to free radicals, thereby supporting brain and central nervous system health.

Suggested Use: 1 softgel, 1-2 times daily with food.

Recap of Key Benefits

As a quick reference guide, here are the key benefits of Astaxanthin:

  1. Promotes immune response
  2. Promotes cardiovascular health
  3. Promotes healthy blood pressure
  4. Supports cellular health
  5. Contains helpful vitamin A (100% as Natural Beta-Carotene)
  6. Contains beneficial vitamin E (as Natural d-alpha Tocopherol)

Free of: starch, salt, sugar, wheat, gluten, milk, egg, fish, and shellfish.

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Softgel Capsule (modified corn starch, carageenan, glycerin, water) Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Mixed Tocopherols, and Rosemary Leaf Extract. Mixed Tocopherols from Soy.

Warnings: Consult a physician before use if you are pregnant or nursing.

Nutrition Facts
60 servings per container
1 Softgel Serving Size
Amount per serving
Not Listed Calories
Not Listed Calories From Fat
% Daily Value*
Zanthin Natural Astaxanthin 4 mg
† Daily Value not established.
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


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