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Can Pets Take Vitamin B17: The Ultimate Guide

By Apricot Power

Can Pets Take Vitamin B17: The Ultimate Guide

In the US, pet owners spent more than $500 million on pet supplements alone in 2014, and the number is still expected to exceed $700 million in 2020.

Pet parents typically give supplements to their pets for one of two reasons: they have a health problem and they hope the vitamin may help, or, they want to be extra certain that their pets are getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy.

Does Your Pet Need Vitamins?

     Many humans take at least one vitamin or supplement each day. Shouldn’t our pets take them too?


    The answer is: maybe. Pets are physiologically different from humans, but they do share some of the same nutritional needs as humans. In other words, they rely on vitamins and minerals sourced from outside consumption just as humans do. Helping our pets get the nutrients they need is not as simple as slipping a pill or vitamin supplement into their diet. The differences between humans and pets make it vital to give the right kind of supplements to our pets.

      For starters, pets may need specific doses and different supplements based on their species, breed, weight, and other factors. Further, the process by which some human-grade vitamin products are formulated may affect the pets' health and/or absorption of nutrients. Thus, if human supplements are taken without consideration, your pet's system may not recognize the supplements as beneficial to the body and may eliminate them from their system or cause worse health issues.

    But vitamin supplements may improve your pet’s health, especially when taken in consultation with a vet. In fact, we recommend running any of your pet’s dietary changes by a trusted veterinary professional.

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