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6 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin B17

1 Year Ago | By Apricot Power
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6 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin B17

     To maintain growth, development, and continuing health, our bodies rely on six groups of nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and water. Since our bodies may not manufacture these nutrients at all or fast enough, we have to get them from our daily diets or supplements.

     Vitamins, specifically, are crucial for our bodies. They are referred to as micronutrients because the body needs only tiny amounts of different kinds of vitamins. However, failing to get even these small quantities of vitamins can result in all kinds of complications. In fact, vitamin deficiencies may bring substantial harm to the body, including diseases and undesirable health conditions.

     Vitamins act in concert with other nutrients to perform hundreds of critical roles in the body. There are many different kinds of vitamins, but this article will explore one specific kind that we feel is not covered in depth enough: Vitamin B17. This lesser known vitamin has an impressive array of health benefits.


What is Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin)?

     Vitamin B17 occurs naturally in many different kinds of raw nuts, in plants like clover, sorghum, lima beans, and in seeds of several fruits. It is also commonly referred to as Amygdalin.

     Vitamin B17 is not currently as commonly discussed as other vitamins, but it is potentially one of the most powerful immune-system-boosting nutrients that occurs naturally in plants. Like other vitamins, our bodies cannot independently produce B17. Therefore, we must consume vitamin B17 in our diets.




What are the (Natural) Sources of Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin)?

     While vitamin B17 may be found in many different seeds, plants, and raw nuts, apricot seeds tops the list of its most potent sources by far. There could be as much as 20mg of vitamin B17 in each apricot seed.

     Many people complain about apricot seeds’ bitter taste. However, their bitter taste is a tiny price to pay for the amazing variety of health benefits they provide- and some people actually love! In addition to containing high levels of Vitamin B17, apricot kernels are also known to provide additional key nutrients such as zinc, fiber, protein, and healthy fatty acids like Omega-3.

     However, if you still struggle with the bitter taste, you may consume apricot seeds in capsules or blended and added into other foods. We recommend trying our apricot seeds paired with a delicious piece of dried apricot fruit.


Health Benefits of Vitamin B17

      Vitamin B17 provides a range of health benefits, from helping with digestion to boosting your overall immunity. Since apricot seeds are known to have the highest quantities of vitamin B17, the following are a list of health benefits you may obtain from adding them (in their various forms) into your diet.

1. Immune System Boost

    Our bodies have their own defense mechanisms that fight off any potential pathogens or disease causing organisms. We become vulnerable every time internal or external factors weaken our immune system. Therefore, we could all benefit from an immune system boost to stay healthy and disease-free.

     According to some studies, Vitamin B17 may help strengthen your immune system by slowing down the spread of disease and harmful cells. Vitamin B17 may stimulate the immune system by increasing the ability of the body’s white blood cells to attack harmful cells.

2. Pain Relief from Inflammation

     According to several studies, Vitamin B17 may help provide pain relief from inflammation. In a case study published in the 1960s, patients who received an intravenous dose of vitamin 17 reported pain relief as the primary benefit.  Animal studies also tend to confirm the analgesic effect of vitamin B17.

3. Reducing High Blood Pressure

     If you are already taking blood pressure medication, using Vitamin B17 in this manner is something we recommend you discuss with your trusted professional health care advisor. It’s still unclear whether Vitamin B17 can be a long-term treatment for high blood pressure. However, some studies have found that vitamin B17 may help to detox the body and also lower blood pressure. 

     Vitamin B17 may cause the formation of thiocyanate, which is known to be a powerful agent in lowering blood pressure. Production of thiocyanate may cause a low blood pressure reaction in the body.

4. Supports Liver Health

     Some diseases, such as fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, or other autoimmune liver hepatitis disorders, affect the health of the liver. They cause among other effects, inflammation responses and degeneration.

     A study conducted on non-human subjects showed that vitamin B17 may help to slow down or reverse the effects of these conditions. Test subjects injected with vitamin B17 showed significant, overall decline of the disease.

5. Antioxidant Properties

     Other vitamins such as A, C, and E are already known to have antioxidant properties. There’s already a great deal of research showing why we require these antioxidant nutrients in our diets, or as dietary supplements. Among other amazing properties, these vitamins help to limit or slow down the process by which the cells in our bodies face damage.

    However, more and more research now shows that these vitamins can interact with vitamin B17,  and working together with pancreatic enzymes, may help to detox our bodies. They may break down and remove toxic and potentially dangerous cells from our bodies. This may provide a great boost to our immunity and keep our bodies largely disease-free.

6. Vitamin B17 May Have Anti-Aging Properties in Skincare

     Similar to its immunity boosting and anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin B17 is used as an anti-aging remedy.  It’s properties are thought to protect against and assist in the removal of free radicals that cause aging and damage to skin. Consuming B17 or using B17-infused skincare products may help promote healthy, youthful skin and skin cell regeneration.