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Apricot Power Products & Where to Start

7 Years Ago | By Apricot Power
Apricot Seeds B17 B17 Boosters

Apricot Power is the ultimate source for a variety of high quality Apricot Seeds / Amygdalin, although with such a wide range of products it can be difficult to determine where is best to start!

Many people are unsure about the differences between apricot seeds, apricot seed capsules and B17 extracts. If that sounds familiar then this blog is perfect for you! We will be breaking down why B17 is important, how our products differ from each other as well as where you may want to start with the product.

As everybody's bodies are different it can be difficult to decipher where to start, and many of our customers find it best to start with the Apricot Seeds themselves or the Apricot Seed Capsules as it is generally best to start with smaller amounts and only move up in accordance with your body.

Our Apricot Seeds average 20 mg of B17 and we recommend starting with no more than 2 seeds per hour or 5 seeds throughout the day. You can determine from there whether your body can handle more. Watch out, our seeds can be bitter, so If you’re not a big fan of the bitter taste then our Apricot Seed Capsules may be your best option!

Each of our Apricot Seed Capsules contain approximately 2½ finely ground up apricot seeds encapsulated, so you can get the full nutritional value of the seeds without having to chew or taste them. They are also more convenient while traveling and contain up to 50mg of the B17 along with all the other nutritional value of the seeds such as:

- Amygdalin (B17)

- Super B15

- Naturally occurring Enzymes

- Vitamins A & E

- Healthy Fats & Fibers

Much More!

Some people are looking for higher amounts of B17 without having to eat too many seeds or take too many of the capsules, and those customers tend to gravitate more towards our
B17 Extracts.

Our Apricot Seed Extracts (B17) come in 100mg and 500mg capsules and tablets. The extracts are wonderful for getting more Amygdalin without having to take large amounts of the seeds or seed capsules, however they just contain Amygdalin extracted from the seeds rather than having the full nutritional value of the Apricot Seeds (More info on that here).

For those looking for larger amounts of both amygdalin and the other main components of the seeds we also have extracts of the B15 TMG and Naturally occurring enzymes within the seeds. We also have the option of purchasing all of the Apricot Seed Extracts in bundles at better rates which can be found here.

TO SUMMARIZE: While everybody's needs are different most people tend to gravitate toward our Apricot Seeds or Seed Capsules and, if they’re looking for more B17, will progressively start to move up to the higher end extracts.

We will include a list below the frequently asked questions with links to all of the blogs mentioned above if you’d like to learn more, and our contact information can also be found below if you have any further questions!


Q. What is the difference between the Capsules and Tablets?

A. The Capsules and Tablets contain the same nutritional value and it would just come down to preference. The Tablets are smaller and great if you’re looking to cut them, and other people prefer the capsules as they’re easier to take.

Q. If I’m looking to move up, how should I go about it?

A. Because Apricot seeds are natural they can affect everybody differently, and as such most of our customers will start with small amounts of the seeds/B17 and slowly work up from there, moving up with small amounts of seeds/B17.

If you move up too quickly the most common symptoms are light headedness, stomach aches, or nausea and generally tend to subside within 5-20 minutes as your body processes the excess Amygdalin. 

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