B17 Power Pack GREAT VALUE!!

B17 Power Pack    GREAT VALUE!!

B17 Power Pack GREAT VALUE!!

A combo pack that includes Preven-ca, B17 - 500mg, Super B-15 TMG, Megazyme Forte, Immune Revive, Alpha-Threonic C, Zinc, and Vitamin D.
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Power Pack comes with the following items...



Alpha-threonic C

500 mg B17
B17 comes from extracting natural B17 from apricot seeds.

Super B-15 TMG
B15 (Pangamic Acid) may help support the oxygen efficiency of the entire body and may aid in the detoxification of waste products. B15 can be found in the apricot seeds.

Mega Enzyme Forte
A potent blend of both plant-based and animal-derived pancreatic enzymes to assist the body in detoxification and other metabolic processes.

Immune Revive

Our Immune Revive is a potent immune system support formulation. It contains a proprietary blend of 8 mushrooms as well as Astragalus Root Extract. The highest naturally occurring form of Beta-Glucan is found in these eight mushrooms. Beta-Glucan is known for its remarkable immune support. Immune Revive benefits a strong, responsive immune system in the foundation of good health!

Zinc is an essential mineral. It helps support healthy immune system function and is an important component of the body's antioxidant systems.

Vitamin D
Needed by every human to build strong bones and healthy teeth, Vitamin D helps provide valuable immune support, helps support thyroid health, and promotes joint and cardiovascular health. Unlike other Vitamin D supplements, our soft gels forumla provide pure vitamin D3 oil to promote easier and quicker absorption.

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